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The PEI Partners for Community Safety, in partnership with Health PEI, has funded eight community projects intended to strengthen the work of community groups and to increase their capacity to engage at-risk youth. 

Read the April 2013
Partners newsletter (en Français)

PEI Partners for Community Safety is a knowledge and communication network where people learn from each other and make links among activities to strengthen the impact for safer communities.  The Partners represent community organizations and government departments committed to working together to prevent crime and create supportive environments where people feel safe and are safe.

Our Partner goals are to:

  • Increase capacity of local communities to address crime and victimization
  • Reduce risk factors and increase protective factors for individuals and families
  • Address unique needs of vulnerable people
  • Create supportive environments for individuals and families

Our Partner strategies are to:
  • Strengthen community action
  • Develop personal skills
  • Build holistic policies and practices

Our site includes:

  • Safer Community Activities page for upcoming events, workshops and conferences in PEI and beyond
  • Taking Stock: Communities and Governments Working Together for Community Safety and Well-being research documents
“Visions of safer communities in Prince Edward Island are similar for people from Souris to Tignish.  The qualities of a safer community are the same for men, women, disabled, youth, gay or immigrant.  A safe community is one where people know their neighbours, respect themselves and each other, where everyone is valued and included in decisions and activities of the community.  There is an absence of alcohol and drug abuse, violence and fear.”

Strategies for Safer Communities in Prince Edward Island (1994)

We hope that this site will become a valuable resource to your family, friends, co-workers and community members whether you are a resident or a visitor.  We look forward to hearing your comments.

PEI Partners for Community Safety
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